Are Globe Skateboards Good: Do They Worth Your Money?

Globe skateboards are popular for their offering premium quality at a competitive price. They ensure the right quality for decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings. You can get pre-assembled, ready-to-use skateboards at the most competitive price.

Are Globe Skateboards Good? Yes, the quality deck material, truck, smooth bearings, grip tape, perfect size, and lightweight qualities of Globe Skateboards put them amongst the best skateboards in the market. Additionally, their creative designs give their skateboards a unique look. 

Globe has become a trustworthy brand in the community for its high-quality products. If you are looking for a new skateboard, you can trust Globe without hesitation. Let’s explore what makes them a top brand and how good they are. 

Overview of Globe Skateboards

A good skateboard needs to have several qualities. The features, designs, performance, and price are some of them. Let’s see how Globe does in these criteria. 

Are Globe Skateboards Good

1. Features of Globe skateboards

Globe emphasizes product quality. From decks to wheels, they leave no stone unturned to ensure all the components exceed users’ expectations. 

1. Deck

The deck is unanimously the most important part of a skateboard. Globe makes no compromise in its quality. The decks are made of maple wood, fiberglass, and bamboo sometimes. The combination of these materials makes these decks user-friendly. 

You will find the decks light, strong, and durable. The lightness of the deck makes them easy to carry around. However, the lightweight does not compromise durability and strength. The decks are pressed with epoxy resin glue. It makes them stay protected when they get drenched. 

The decks are made by DSM, a leading skateboard factory with a long history. With two brands’ names on the stake, you know you are going to get something great.

2. Truck

Unlike decks, Globe has its own truck brand named Tensor Trucks. The trucks are made of aluminum and magnesium bodies. It makes them both strong and light. Globe is always conscious not to make the skateboards weigh too much to carry around. 

Additionally, the trucks consist of Grade 8 kingpins and high-rebound bushings. The trucks can turn efficiently and perfectly for both new and professional users. 

3. Wheels and bearings

Globe uses their own wheels in their rigs. They manufacture these wheels in different sizes and designs. The street board wheels are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Their wheels range from 52 to 70 mm. Wondering if they are hard enough? Well, the wheels score 78a to 101 in hardness tests. 

The bearings used in the skateboards are manufactured with precision. They ensure consistent performance and minimal friction. The bearings are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. With proper maintenance, you will enjoy quality performance with minimum noise for a long time. 

2. Design and Performance

Globe skateboards are supremely designed. The maple and biaxial fiberglass combination provides a premium vibe with durability promises. You will find some of the coolest-looking skateboards on their website. When it comes to design, there is hardly any better option than Globe for you. 

Apart from the stunning look, Globe ensures high performance. The decks are strong enough to take your weight and light enough to do stunts with. The wheels are perfect to use on various occasions. Since the trucks are made of aluminum and magnesium, you can have faith in their sturdiness. 

3. Prices

You do not need to worry about the pricing as the prices are user-friendly and market-justifiable. The average price for Globe skateboards ranges from $180-$250. The price can vary based on the unique designs, wheels, deck material, bearings, designs, and graphics. Considering the design, performance, reliability, and brand name, you cannot complain about the price. 

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Pros and cons of Globe Skateboards

Globe skateboards have both pros and cons. Checking on them will help you in making an informed decision whether you should buy them. 

Pros of Globe Skateboards

  • Unique designs and graphics: Globe skateboards come in different cool shapes and stunning graphics. You can choose the one you find adorable. The graphics are classy and do not wear off with time. 
  • High quality: As mentioned already, Globe makes no compromise with the quality. Every part of the skateboard is designed and manufactured with care and perfection. 
  • Uses epoxy resin: Epoxy resin does not wear off coming in contact with water. It makes the decks stand water in small amounts. 
  • Perfect price: The prices of Globe skateboards are customer-affordable and market-justifiable. Their belief in the community motivates them to keep the prices helpful and affordable for their customers.
  • Versatility: Can be used both indoors and outdoors and on different types of roads. The wheels used in the skateboards are of the highest quality and can withstand rough conditions.  
  • Preassembled: Globe skateboards are available in pre-assembled form and are ready to use. You can start using and riding your board as soon as you get them in your hand. You do not have to waste time assembling them. 

Cons of Globe Skateboards

  • Though you can use them on different roads, they are not the best option to use on rough surfaces. Nonetheless, they are still good to use on rough surfaces. 
  • Some designs that come at a lower price have a plain visual appearance. 

Is Globe Skateboards Worth It?

Yes, globe skateboards are worth the money you spend on them. The rigs are durable, strong, superbly designed, and easy to carry around at an affordable price. These boards are easily one of the finest ones in the market. 

You need to invest your money in purchasing good quality skateboards to avoid accidents. The brand is growing and improving its quality with time. With the promise of the highest quality, Globe makes every penny you spend worth it. 

How to Take Care of Globe Skateboards?

With proper maintenance, caution, and care, you can prolong the lifespan of your Globe skateboards. The maintenance of the boards is very basic and simple. 

  • Regularly clean the skateboard deck, removing dirt, debris, and excess grip tape residue.
  • Keep the skateboard away from prolonged exposure to moisture, as it can damage the wood and fiberglass.
  • Rotate the wheels regularly to ensure even wear. 
  • Store the skateboard in a dry place, and avoid skating in wet conditions when not using it.
  • If the skateboard has graphics, apply clear grip tape or a transparent adhesive to protect the design.
  • Minimize putting excessive weight or pressure on the deck, especially in the center. This helps prevent warping or bending.

Globe skateboards are more than good and are loved by the skater community. Their unique designs, reliability, durability, and handsome prices make them a top choice among skaters. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can have great fun with these skateboards.


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