Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates?

Yes, you can use skateboard wheels on roller skates in most instances. Whether the skateboard will work on the roller skate depends on the wheel size and bearing size. If the sizes match, then you can comfortably use them. 

Replacing roller skates with skateboard wheels can offer you more speed as they are a bit bigger. It is a good idea to use skateboard wheels if you want to enjoy more speed on roller skates. Besides, you can enjoy a better grip and a more efficient cruise. 

You may also experience some disadvantages by changing the wheels. The higher speed on roller skates can make it difficult to balance and handle them. Skateboard wheels are often not suitable for running on streets. 

How Can I Tell If Skateboard Wheels Will Fit My Roller Skates?

Skateboard wheels can fit in your roller skates depending on two conditions. They are the wheel size and bearing size. 

1. Wheel Size

Obviously, this is the first thing you need to consider. If the skateboard wheels are too big or small, you cannot fit them into your roller skates. The ideal size for roller skate wheels is 55-65 mm in length and 30-35mm in width. So, skateboard wheels with this size range can be fit in roller skates. 

2. Bearing Size

The size of the bearings is another factor you have to consider. If the bearings, the most crucial components of the wheels, are not of the same size, then you cannot replace them. The ideal measurement of bearings for roller skates is 7 to 8 mm. 

How To Change Roller Skate Wheels 

Changing roller skate wheels with skateboard wheels is much easier than you may think. You should make sure that the bearing size and wheel size match. Using skate tools or a wrench can make the process easier for you. 

  • Remove the existing roller skate wheels using a skate tool or wrench.
  • Ensure the axle nuts are fully loosened before attempting to remove the wheels.
  • Take out the bearings from the old roller skate wheels by gently pushing them out with a skate tool or the axle of the skate.
  • Clean the bearings using a solvent or bearing cleaner to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Insert the bearings into the skateboard wheels. You must make sure they are seated properly to avoid unpleasant circumstances. 
  • Place the skateboard wheels onto the axles of the roller stake. Their alignment with the trucks is crucial. You should do this with much caution. 
  • Tighten the axle nuts securely to hold the skateboard wheels in place.
  • Test the skates to ensure the new skateboard wheels roll smoothly.

Advantages Of Riding Roller Skate With Skateboard Wheels

Why would someone try to fit skateboard wheels on roller skates? Well, there are several advantages of doing so, which inspire many other players to make gables. 

1. Higher Speed

Roller skating with skateboard wheels can be super fast and exciting. Skateboard wheels are often designed a bit bigger for quick movement. The shape and materials of skateboard wheels help reduce friction and let you glide faster. This will enhance your skating experience. 

2. Smooth Glides

Skateboard wheels on roller skates offer smooth rides. Their round shape and special materials make the wheels roll effortlessly. It also gives you a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

Gliding is essential because it makes movement easy and effortless. When you glide, you move smoothly and gracefully, almost like sliding through the air. This makes it much more comfortable to travel from one place to another.

3. Tricky Maneuvers

Skateboard wheels on roller skates open up a world of cool tricks and maneuvers. Their design allows for quick turns and spins. It also lets you showcase your skating skills with style. Skateboard wheels give you enough agility to perform a spin or make sharp turns.  

Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates Video Explanation

Disadvantages Of Using Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skate

This process of changing roller skate wheels to skateboard wheels comes with some demerits, too. You should be mindful of these disadvantages, too, to make an informed decision. 

1. Trickier Balance

Balancing on roller skates with skateboard wheels can be a bit trickier. Roller skate wheels are often wider and provide more stability. As already mentioned earlier, the average speed will increase with skateboard wheels. However, it will also require you to hone your balance. 

If you are new to skating and are still learning to balance your body, you should not change the wheels. You will find it better in its usual form. 

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2. Slower Turns

Using skateboard wheels on roller skates might make turning a bit more challenging. Skateboard wheels are designed for straight moves and tricks. When you try to make quick turns on roller skates, it is not as smooth. Therefore, turning could feel a bit slower and might need some effort. 

3. Bumpier Rides

Skateboard wheels might make the ride a bit bumpier on uneven surfaces. Roller skate wheels are usually designed to absorb bumps and give a smoother ride. Small skateboard wheels may not handle bumps with much efficiency. This makes your ride less comfortable, if not rough. 


Are Skateboard And Roller Skate Bearings The Same?

Skateboards and roller skates can have the same bearings, or they can be different. This depends on the skater you choose to use. You must only use the recommended sized bearings for smooth rides.

Roller skate wheels or skateboard wheels, what lasts longer?

The longevity of roller skate wheels and skateboard wheels depends on various factors. The materials, usage, and maintenance are the proper factors that influence the life span. However, roller skate wheels usually last longer.

Can you put any wheels on quad skates?

No, you cannot put any wheels on quad skates. You need to choose the wheels that have sideset core placement. Additionally, the size of the wheels and bearings also need to match to put them on quad skates.


You can install skateboard wheels on roller skates if the sizes match. Doing so has both advantages and disadvantages. While the speed will increase, you may face challenges with the balance. You should consider both sides of the decision before changing the wheels.

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