4 Best Outdoor Wheels for Roller Skates

Roller skating has become something way more than just a sport activity. It’s become a way of expression, culture, and vibe. And you can enjoy this amazing activity more through outdoor skating on various terrains. 

But to do that, your roller skates must be equipped with sturdy and reliable wheels. Wheels can make or break your roller skating performance. 

If you’re eager to know more on the best outdoor wheels for roller skates, keep reading this helpful article. 

Below, we’ll share four best outdoor wheels for roller skates.

  1. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

If you ask ten roller skate enthusiasts about the best outdoor wheels, seven to eight out of them will tell you about Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels. 

These wheels have become staple for the skaters nowadays who love outdoor skating adventures. 

Having a durometer of 78A and a size of 65mm, Boardwalk Outdoor wheels are suitable to roll on various outdoor surfaces, including rough pavements, asphalt, etc. 

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

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  • Size: 65mm 
  • Durometer: 78A
  • Hub: Nylon 
  • Material: High-rebound urethane 


  • Reliable and durable wheels for outdoor skating 
  • Enhanced grip for turning and stopping 
  • Fluid ride with less shaking 
  • Compatible wheels for versatile outdoor terrains 


  • May feel heavier than indoor wheel 
  • Speeding requires more effort with softer durometer 
  1. Atom Pulse Outdoor Wheels 

If stability and comfort are something you’re looking for in your outdoor wheels, Atom Pulse is the answer. Your outdoor roller skating adventure will be smoother and more exciting on Atom Pulse Outdoor Wheels. 

With a 78A durometer, 65mm size, and hybrid hub, these wheels offer the best stability during skating. Moreover, these wheels are suitable for both novice and pros.  

Atom Pulse Outdoor Wheels 


  • Size: 65mm 
  • Durometer: 78A 
  • Hub: Hybrid 
  • Material: Urethane 


  • Oversized wheels for better stability 
  • Suitable for both novice and pros 
  • Ideal for long-distance roller-skating 
  • Compatible in uneven surfaces 


  • Initially may feel uncomfortable on oversized wheels 
  • May require a break-in period for desired performance 
  1. Rollerbones Turbo Outdoor Wheels 

With an increasing need for balance and maneuverability, Rollerbones Turbo Outdoor Wheels offer what you need. These wheels stand out with their 85A durometers and 62mm sizes, offering great balance and ride. 

High-quality urethane and nylon hubs go into these wheels as reliable materials. They offer balanced speed and increased responsiveness. 

Rollerbones Turbo Outdoor Wheels 


  • Size: 62mm 
  • Durometer: 85A 
  • Hub: Nylon 
  • Material: Urethane 


  • Increased responsiveness during turns and stops 
  • Denser durometer for enhanced speed 
  • Easy to get maneuverability 
  • Versatility in performing on both smooth and rough surfaces 
  • Having resistance to wear and tear 
  • More durable 


  • May be difficult to get grip on extremely uneven terrains 
  • Not suitable for beginners due to having denser durometer 
  1. Moxi Gummy Outdoor Wheels 

Moxi Gummy Outdoor Wheels are already very catchy with their vibrant colors. However, their primary merit is the ability to deliver a fantastic outdoor skating experience. 

Moxi Gummy Outdoor Wheels come with 78A durometer and 65mm sizes. They’re made from high-rebound urethane. If you buy a pair of these wheels, you can ride smoothly on sidewalks or trails alike. 

Moxi Gummy Outdoor Wheels 


  • Size: 65mm 
  • Durometer: 78A 
  • Hub: Nylon
  • Material: High-Rebound Urethane 


  • Smooth, balanced, and comfortable ride 
  • Available in vibrant colors 
  • Suitable for sidewalks and trails 
  • Durable 
  • Resistant to wear and tear


  • Limited options with wheel sizes
  • Costlier compared to other outdoor roller skating wheels 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often outdoor skate wheels need to be replaced? 

The durability of outdoor roller skating wheels depend on various factors, such as usage, maintenance, skating style, and skating surface conditions.

 Typically, you can have your outdoor skating wheels last for nearly six to nine months on an average if you use them regularly. Some may even extend to a year. 

So, check with your wheels regularly to see if there’s any problem with the grip, visible tears or scratches, etc. If you find your wheels wearing off, soon replace them for a continued roller-skating enjoyment. 

Can I use my outdoor skating wheels for indoor skating? 

It may not be wise to recommend using outdoor roller skating wheels for indoor skating, but you may do it within a limited usage practice. 

However, one of the most notable factors you may notice while using them on indoor surfaces is compromised speed. Hence, you better switch to indoor wheels instead of using the outdoor wheels on indoor surfaces. 

Can I use wheels of one brand with other roller skate brands? 

Usually, you’ll see that most outdoor wheels are suitable to fit the other roller skate brands, given that they have a standard hub size. Nonetheless, make sure to check specifications to determine whether a particular pair of wheels can fit a branded pair of roller skates or not. 

But whenever in doubt, check with a professional or consult the manufacturers’ instruction manuals to determine compatibility between certain outdoor wheels with specific brands of roller skates. 

Final Words 

When choosing outdoor wheels to go on an adventure on versatile outdoor terrains or surfaces, keep vital factors like size, durometer, hub size, etc., in mind. 

Remember, each brand offers distinct design, balance, speed, responsiveness, etc. So, choose a brand of outdoor wheels that cater to your needs. 

Since, outdoor roller-skating must render enjoyment along with balance and varied maneuverability, buy the ones that come along with these features— like the ones we’ve added in this article! 

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