How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost ? 2023 Best Price

If you are wondering how much does an electric skateboard cost, it mainly depends on various factors. An electric skateboard would probably cost you between $400 and $2,200. Having said that, there are some really affordable versions that cost less than $150 and others that might cost $5,000 or more!

To make sure you’re not paying too much, it’s helpful to know how electric skateboards are priced and what things affect their price. By doing this, you can be sure that your money is well spent.

Therefore, I’ve made it incredibly simple for you to understand in this guide which electric skateboards are actual investments and which ones are just for show.

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost

Since electric skateboards are a relatively new product on the market, it might be challenging to include all of the available choices within a reasonable pricing range.

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost

For example, you may get really cheap electric skateboards that range in price from $150 to $300. However, there are very expensive versions that range in price from $4,000 to an astounding $6,500!

Still, the great majority of electric skateboard models available fall within the $400 to $2,200 price range.

Because of this, the most accurate method for estimating the price of a skateboard is to group them into the following price ranges:

Extremely Low-budget Skateboard$150 to $299
The average price tag for entry-level electric skateboards$300 to $799
Electric skateboards for intermediate use (mid-tier)$800 to $1499
Premium electric skateboards:$1500 to $2,000
High-end skateboardsmore than $2,000

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What Affects The Price of An Electric Skateboard

As you can see, the cost of an electric skateboard varies greatly and is influenced by a number of factors. To help you understand the entire scope of that price difference, we’ll look at a few of them in more detail in this section:

1. Brand Reputation

Electric skateboards from reputable companies with a track record for excellence and innovation are usually more expensive. These companies often provide bigger warranties and customer service. Many well-known manufacturers released more expensive and high-performing electric skateboards as the market for these vehicles became more competitive. 

2. Battery Capacity and Range

The majority of electric vehicles, including skateboards, scooters, and automobiles, run on lithium-ion batteries. The most significant and costly component of electric skateboards is the battery, which also affects the price range of an electric vehicle. The price of electric skateboards may vary depending on the kind of battery pack utilized. More battery packs and bigger battery capacity usually translate into higher prices for electric skateboards. 

For instance, the hub drive electric skateboards with batteries that have a maximum capacity of 300 watt-hours will not cost more than $500. These electric skateboards have a range of around 10–17 miles between charges. Because various drive methods have varied designs and accessories, the price range for an electric skateboard with a belt drive and batteries that can hold up to 300 watt hours is around $450 to $700.

3. Motor Power

The motor on an electric skateboard is the second most important component after the battery. The majority of entry-level electric skateboards have two motors in the back wheels; some high-end models have four motors; the motors are located in each wheel. High-end electric skateboards are often more costly, particularly the ones with higher torque and speed. With two motors rated for 400–600 watts each, an electric skateboard costing between $400 and $800 typically has a peak speed of 20 to 30 mph.

4. Deck Material

Apart from the motor, battery, and brand reputation, the kind of deck material will also impact the cost. The most often used materials for the deck of an electric skateboard include composite, fiberglass, carbon fiber, bamboo, and maple wood. Of all these materials, maple timber decks are the most affordable. Given the various composite methods, they could cost more than a maple deck. When compared to maple and composite boards, carbon fiber decks are more costly due to their durability and low weight.

5. Wheel Size and Quality

For a ride to be comfortable and perform well, the wheels’ size and quality matter. An upgraded set of wheels could cost more. The most popular wheels for electric skateboards, which cost little more than $1000, are 90mm PU wheels and 105mm cloud wheels. The price of an electric skateboard will increase with the size and quality of wheels utilized. 

6. Other Components Used

The price can vary depending on the remote control, ESC, trucks, belts, and other accessories. Better-quality accessories often have longer lifespans, which lowers maintenance expenses.

How Much Should You Spend on an Electric Skateboard?

Before I give you a reasonable estimate of how much you should spend, let me briefly outline the several factors that affect this answer:

How Much Should You Spend on an Electric Skateboard?

  • How often will you be using the board?
  • Whether you want to use it on normal roads or just off-road 
  • Your highest spending budget
  • Your level of expertise

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on a skateboard if you’re a first-timer who mostly utilizes them on flat terrain and in casual circumstances. For instance, you may get several very good models for between $300 and $500.

Your electric skateboard budget should be in line with your expectations and riding style. For first-time users, entry-level electric skateboards are appropriate; they usually cost between $200 and $500. Electric skateboards in the midrange, which vary in price from $500 to $1,000, have superior features and performance. 

Reputable companies provide premium electric skateboards that are above $1,000 and have exceptional quality and performance. Remember that this is only the beginning of your costs—the electric skateboard is just the beginning. Take into account the following extra expenses:

  1. Safety Equipment: It is important for your own safety to purchase safety gear such as a helmet, knee and elbow padding, and wrist guards. Make sure to include these expenses in your total expenses estimate.
  2. Maintenance: You may have to swap out components like belts, bearings, and wheels over time. Budgeting for maintenance spending is a good idea since they may add up.
  3. Extra Batteries: After a given number of uses, a battery’s lifespan gets shorter, and it will begin to age. It is essential to consider the maintenance costs associated with replacing the battery. 

Why Electric Skateboards Are So Expensive?

There are many factors that make the electric skateboards expensive. Some of them are given below: 

Why Electric Skateboards Are So Expensive?
  • Using a Li-Ion Battery: These very expensive batteries come in several hundred pieces. Meaning that the price goes up as the battery gets bigger.
  • An Electric Motor: Using an electric motor costs a lot, and these days, most skateboards have two motors.
  • Other Crucial Components: Other skateboard components, including as the ESC, remote control, wheels, and bearings, are also quite expensive. Furthermore, assembling these components together requires specialized equipment and resources, raising the overall cost. 
  • High Labor Costs and Taxes When Produced in Europe or the United States: The core of every business is its staff of employees. That labor is costly in places like Europe and North America. Furthermore, taxes are a factor in the total cost of the skateboards.
  • Low Demand: Electric skateboards are not in great demand since the e-board business is still developing. Because of this, manufacturers don’t make them in large quantities, which drives up the price. 

Should You Make A DIY Electric Skateboard Rather Than Pre-Built Models?

After reading about all the costs of having an electric skateboard, you may be thinking if making your own electric skateboard is a better choice. There’s a lot of freedom in DIY projects, but do they really save you a lot of money? It’s an interesting question to look into.

If you build your own electric skateboard, you can choose which electrical parts to use, but the cost of putting them together can quickly rise. That high-end motor and sleek deck look good, but buying them individually costs a lot

Don’t forget the tools you’ll need to put the board together; if you don’t have a fully filled workshop, you may need to buy more than just skateboard parts. On the other hand, pre-built models often come with everything you need, which can save you time, effort, and maybe even money. 

While DIY skateboards can be customized, pre-built models are a better option for people who want a fun ride without having to worry about putting it all together. Furthermore, these models are more cost-effective and come in a ready-to-ride package.


Are electric skateboards dangerous? 

No, electric skateboards are not dangerous if you are careful while skating. But there is a lot of news of accidents caused by rudimentary vehicles. So, be careful. 

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost? 

Electric skateboard prices can vary widely, but on average, you can expect to pay between $300 to $1,500 or more for a quality electric skateboard.

Do electric skateboard warranties affect the overall cost?

Yes, warranty coverage can affect the overall cost. Some electric skateboards come with longer or more comprehensive warranties, which may justify a higher initial price.


There you have it! A comprehensive pricing guide for electric skateboards that provides all the information you need, from the average price to potential extra expenses after buying one. You can see that a number of things affect how much does an electric skateboard costs. For now, though, they’re pretty pricey because they’re still pretty new and need high-quality materials.

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