Can You Wear Skate Shoes Casually?

Skate shoes may look similar to sneakers, boots, or trainers. But they’re made for a different purpose. Question is, can you wear skate shoes casually? 

Yes and No. Skate shoes are made of certain materials with specific goals in mind. With a pair of nice skate shoes, you can get ample support and grip for skateboarding, allowing yourself awe-inspiring stunts like kick flips, nollie inward heels, tray flips, etc. But they won’t be your long-term companion at work, school, or travel.

Wearing skate shoes can render discomfort and foot issues upon prolonged use, including foot pain, sore ankle, achy knees, etc. 

But if you’re wondering still, read on to satisfy your query.  

Skate Shoes Vs. Normal Shoes 

Manufacturers produce skate shoes with certain features that make these shoes ace the skateboarding sport unlike regular shoes.  

Hence, you must know the difference between skate shoes and normal shoes before jumping on to any conclusion. 

Features Skate Shoes Regular Shoes/ Sneakers Recommendation 
Soles Flat soles are ideal for skate shoes for better grip and stability Sports non-flat soles to carry and comfort arch areas of the feetSkate shoe soles work best for skateboarding
Durability Come with robust upper sections for durabilityMore fashion-oriented and come with less-sturdy upper sections Skate shoes lasts longer; hence more suitable for skateboarding
Design Include toe caps, padding, wide-flat soles, deeper grooves, etc. Include no significant protective design features Skate shoes are absolutely safe for skateboarding 
Laces Placed higher on the shoes for avoiding flicks (some skates shoes don’t have laces) Placed lower on the shoes and hard to avoid flicks Skate shoes provide more safety for the laces from being ripped off 
Usage Used for sports purposesUsed for regular footwear purposesNormal shoes are suitable for walking, running, etc.  
Variation Available style variations Available sole variations 
PricesUsually, come in expensive Come in less-expensive Choose depending on your need

Reasons to Wear Skate Shoes for Skateboarding

Below, we’ll discuss a few reasons why you should put on a pair of good skate shoes while hovering on your skateboard next time: 

  1. Skate Shoes Are Durable

Skate shoes are durable. That’s why skaters love skate shoes more than sneakers. Honestly, you never know what awaits you for your shoes while jumping or flipping with your skateboard over the stairs, across the pavement, or above the benches in parks. 

So, based on the scenario, your shoes are going to take abrasions, scars, tears, and whatnot. That’s why manufacturers make skate shoes with durability in mind, so that your foot companions don’t give away that easily along the journey. 

  1. Skate Shoes Have Flat Soles

Due to the flat soles, skate shoes are more stable than regular shoes. Skaters prefer skate shoes due to this very reason as it gives them more confidence during astounding stunts with their skateboards. 

While doing those kick flips, you better be equipped with agility and grip on your legs. That’s what a pair of good skate shoes can support you with, not a pair of regular shoes.  

  1. Skate Shoes Have Layered Protection 

Skate shoes feature a range of protective layers that make the skaters more resilient during skateboarding. These protective features provide safety while enhancing the skaters’ performance. 

Some notable safety features of skate shoes are:

  • Rubber-made outsoles to stabilize skaters on board during riding and showing tricks 
  • Appropriate insole padding to absorb shocks from landing on the ground
  • Standard materials to provide resistance against abrasions 
  • Reinforced eyelets to safeguard laces from wears and tears during flips 
  • Toe caps to protect toes from injuries during tricks 

No wonder why avid skaters prefer skate shoes over other regular shoes. The safety and resistance these shoes are equipped with ensure fabulous performance for both beginners and pros. 

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Cheap Vs. Expensive Skate Shoes: Which One to Buy 

Deciding between cheap and expensive skate shoes is more experiment-based rather than a choice. If you’re new to skateboarding, you might wonder which path to take. 

Practically, there are skate shoes at various prices in the market with an average price of $75. They range from $50 to $200 and beyond with various designs and features. So, choosing the right one for your game is tricky. 

In some instances, cheap or discounted skate shoes work well, but they have to endure several sealing, taping, etc. to make your money count. Conversely, some cheap skate footwear will give up almost after a single use. 

However, expensive or branded skate shoes like DC, Lakai, Emerica, Adidas, and the like will ensure a lasting effect thanks to their core materials that go into making.

All the same, you must consider the grip, balance, cushioning, lacing, etc., of the skate shoes you use, no matter the price. Start at midrange skate shoes and gradually up your game as you become more pro in skateboarding tricks. 

Bottom Line 

Skateboarding is a scintillating sport which requires proper support for your feet. Only a pair of appropriate skate shoes can serve that purpose. 

But if you’re considering using them casually, you should think twice. Skate shoes aren’t manufactured for running, sprinting, or any other sports other than skateboarding. So, using them casually may not be wise for its value. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you skate with regular shoes?

Yes, you can, but that entails several considerable factors. Flat rubber soles, proper ankle support, toe protection, abrasion resistance— all these aspects must be taken into account. 
Truth be spoken, not all regular or fashion shoes comprise each of these qualities or features. So, it’s wise to invest in a dedicated pair of skate shoes to practice and excel in your skateboarding tricks.

Can you run in skate shoes?

Skate shoes are sport shoes, so, you may sometimes run in them. But skate shoes aren’t made for activities like landing and riding on the board, not pavement or tarmac roads. So, if you want your skate shoes to last longer, you better keep them occupied in what they’re made for.

Why are skate shoes comparatively larger?

Skate shoes are built in larger sizes because of the purpose they serve. With extra materials, thicker padding, and appropriate flat soles, skate shoes are supposed to look big compared to other regular shoes. 
Simply put, the bigger appearance works as a distinct style for skate shoes while they actually serve the required functionality of skateboarding.

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