How long Does It Take To learn to Skateboard? Complete Guide

If you are curious to know How long does it take to learn to skateboard, then this article will give you a firm grip to get started.

Experts and beginners have millions of opinions about the timing to learn it. We have to decide which way we want to go.

This comprehensive article will discuss it all and open up the idea that anyone can access it as a beginner skater.

Let’s follow along…

How long does it take to learn to skateboard?

Simply, it depends on your choice. Each person takes a different amount of time to learn the basics of skating. Few people take it just two weeks, whereas others take two months for the same task. Here, we briefly show you how to deal with this so fast that you don’t have to wait for long. 

Long story short:

Imagine with the riding and pushing skills you can learn in just a few weeks.

For specific skating experience, it may take a few months. To get it to the next level, like quite decent skills, you can learn it within a few years with consistent practice. Interestingly, if you look at reality, the actual skaters always practice, get better, and never stop. 

As you can notice, many experts will tell you skating is 60% guts, 30% skills, and 10% just muscle, which can be true in many ways. So whenever you start, you fix your mind first, then develop the strength to build your skills. 

Many skaters go to the gym to create it, where you must learn through real-world skating practice from top to bottom. And the practice you need to get better at pumping, pushing, and popping. 

But before that, as we talked, you need to strengthen your leg and other core muscles from top to bottom within a few weeks or months. 

Always remember, skating is mostly depending on the personality type. For some people, it comes naturally, and for some people, they have to practice to get the edge.

Because the human brain is constantly getting efficient with skill through repetition, the more you repeat something, the better you get at it. 

Repetition will allow your brain to adjust your body movements. In the long run, when you commit to working on the rail, stairs, and flying down, they are all dangerous to take the next steps.

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Different types of skates and it’s time to learn

There are almost a dozen skates people are learning, and each takes its own preferred time that you must focus on. Here are the most common types of skates that you can learn. Know how much time it will take for each. 

Different types of skates

Quad Roller Skates:

Four-wheeled square-pattern skates are used for recreation, roller derby, and artistic purposes.

Learning Time: 2 to 12 months.

Inline Skates/ Rollerblades:

A line of wheels functioned in a single row. It is popular for fitness, speed, and aggressive skating.

Learning Time: 1-2 months

Ice Skates:

Bottom blade skates functioned for gliding on ice surfaces. Commonly, it’s used in figure skating and hockey skates. 

Learning Time:  1-2 months

Speed Skates:

It is designed with extended frames, low-cut boots, large wheels, or a blade for maximum speed and ankle flexibility.

Learning Time: 2 Weeks – 2 months

Hockey Skates:

It’s made for ice hockey and contains a shorter blade than the figure and boot. It’s more supportive and provides stability for quick movements on the ice.

Learning Time: 1 -3 months

Aggressive Inline:

Skaters use it for tricks, jumps, and grinds in skate parks or urban environments. It has a durable frame, short wheels, and a safety-supported boot.

Learning Time: 1-2 months.

Recreational Skates:

It’s built for casual skating and fitness exercises. You’ll notice the comfortable boot, supportive frame, and medium-sized wheels for recreational use.

Learning Time: 1- 12 months

Touring Skates:

Longer distances on natural ice surface. Resemble inline skates but include longer blades for skating over icy terrain.

Learning Time: 1 Weeks – 4Weeks

Artificial Ice Skates:

It is built for synthetic ice rinks. It stimulates the gliding experience of natural ice. It contains special blades for artificial surfaces.

Learning Time: One week to 2/3 months

Children’s Skates:

They are only designed for young skaters. It provides extra support and amenity for kids learning to skate.

Learning Time:  1 month -5 months

Figure Hockey:

Players sport anyone looking for skilled hockey. It’s optimized for ultimate maneuverability and tricky skates.

Learning Time: 1 week to 2 months

What are the skills needed to learn the basics of skateboarding?

There are a few skills everyone needs to learn skates as they get started. First, learn how to stand on the board with proper balance. They push the board further. Try to move different left and right. Practice turning the board. Know how to stop the board. Learning these skills lets you deal with the basics and move on to the next.

How long does it take to learn the basics of skateboarding?

Basic skating is also riding a bicycle. You can only learn it by practicing it. As you may notice, people know it in different stages. Some people practice every day; others practice weekly and monthly. 

Your brain needs to understand the moves of your skates, and the faster you can make your brain understand the pattern, the better you get with =in the shortest period. If you practice daily for 1-2 hours within 3-4 weeks, you can get good at the basics, and 2-3 months of consistent practice will shape your basics to the next level. Make sure you take time for your practice in the first place so you can enjoy it. 

Which season is best for learning skates?

In reality, skaters only stop practicing or learning the skates if it’s for recreational purposes. And you have a positive side for both. If you think about the Spring and summer, you’ll experience more extended daylight, warm temperatures, outdoor skates, and more pavement to try. You can also wear light clothing for better comfort. It is the most popular season for learning skates. The bad news is sometimes the hot temperature can lead to increased perspiration. 

On the other hand, winter is best for those who prepare indoor skates. Still, the cold weather can affect you. You need to take heavy-duty clothes. But for snow and ice skates, it is surely a perfect match. So make sure what you prepare most, then move for it.


Listen as you want to know how long does it take to learn to skateboard, it always depends on you. How much time is available for you and what you can spend there is much more crucial. When you ultimately determine your steps, you can nail them within the fastest possible time. The best idea I can have with you is to find a mentor who will guide you to every step ahead as you move forward and show your errors so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

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