Best 3 Roller Skates for Wide Feet: Features, Pros & Cons, and Prices

As an avid roller skater, you must’ve come across some unavoidable challenges. Balance, skating ground, speed, or agitating boot— you name it. 

But one of the common hurdles you must’ve faced during skating is struggling to fit your wide feet into the boots. Sounds odd, we get it. But trust us, you’re not the only one with troll-like feet. 

Roller skate enthusiasts with wider feet are everywhere. They too search for the right roller skates like you do. And that search ends here with us. 

We’ve enlisted the 3 best roller skates for wide feet, including their features, pros & cons, and prices. 

So, before rolling down the street, learn to choose your best roller skate for the next ride.

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Considerable Facts for Wide Feet Roller Skates

To buy the right roller skate for your wide feet, you must consider some crucial facts. Going through these facts will help you get the best product for money. 

To make it easy for you, here are four considerable facts below:

Considerable Facts for Wide Feet Roller Skates

Boot Width, Size, and Design 

First off, check the boot design whether it’s made for wider feet or not. A tip to get things right here is to know your own foot dimension. 

Upon knowing it, cross-check it with the specific width the manufacturer is offering for a skate boot. If you see it fits your feet, go for the skate. 

Remember, the right size of skate boot ensures comfort while rolling on your feet. 

Material and Flexibility 

Comfort comes through the making of the roller skate too. If the boot, wheels, laces, strap, etc., aren’t made with A1 materials, your performance and comfort will be compromised. 

Good materials in a roller skate also provide flexibility while riding. Look for skates made of synthetic and leather materials. These materials make the skate boot stretch and mold to your feet-shape over time, avoiding discomfort and irritation. 

Lacing System 

If you have wide feet, buy a roller skate with an adjustable lacing system. Such a facility will allow you to lace up flexibly, promoting customized tightness and ease on different areas of your feet. 

For a rider with wide feet, this comfort is vital. Over time, such an adjustable lacing system will support your ongoing performance. 

Wheel Configuration and Frame

Your wide feet won’t restrict you from showing dazzling skating skills on the ice rink or asphalt. But to do that, you must ensure wider wheelbase configuration and frame in your roller skate. 

Ensuring this will allow balance in demonstrating your skillful performance with the skate. Besides, consider the wheel hardness depending on your skating practice indoor or outdoor. 

As you now know the considerable facts about buying a roller skate, let’s introduce to you the three best roller skates for wide feet. Here goes the list:

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Skate: Top Choice

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Skate tops our list for good reasons. If you’re looking for a roller skate for wide feet that comes with the best value for money, this is it. 

Your worry to fit your wide feet into a skate boot stops with a pair of Sure-Grip Boardwalk skates. This retro-looking skate will be your reliable outdoor skating companion, promoting nice balance and ride for your wide feet. 

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Skate


  • Wheels with 78A durometer & 65mm diameter  
  • Multiple colors: tan, lavender, black, teaberry, sea breeze, red, etc. 
  • Rock nylon plates 
  • ABEC-3 bearings 
  • Adjustable lock nut on toe stop 
  • Men’s sizes: 4-13 


  • Stretches after using for a while 
  • Retro-style suede boots 
  • Robust nylon base plates to carry large weight 
  • Supportive gummy wheels for outdoor surface 
  • Available in multiple cool colors 
  • Adjustable toe stops 


  • Feels tight in initial use 
  • May not suit outdoor surface skating 
  • No real leather feeling 


Sure-Grip Fame: for Indoor Skating 

Opt for this stylish classic-looking roller skate as Sure-Grip Fame is the best to fit your wide feet during indoor skating. Whatmore, it’s the best bet for starting out skating as a beginner. 

We recommend this champion skate as it comes with additional ankle support. The boot in this skate comes with a perfect toe box, giving you a super balance during skating. 

Sure-Grip Fame: for Indoor Skating 


  • Sure-Grip Fame 95A, 57mm wheels 
  • Rock Nylon Plates
  • ABEC-5 bearings 
  • Adjustable lock nut stoppers 
  • Available colors: Black and White 
  • Men’s size 14 


  • Suitable for wide feet; true to size 
  • Suitable roller skate for beginners 
  • Extra ankle support 
  • Decent size toe box 
  • Adjustable toe stoppers 


  • Not perfect finishing in design 
  • Difficulties skating outdoor 


  • Available at $165 [Amazon

Jackson Vista Viper Nylon Outdoor Skate 

Jackson Vista Viper Nylon Outdoor Skate is the roller skate you would love to wear on your wide feet. These true to size skates are amazing in style and making. 

Jackson Vista’s is made of retro suede and it allows the skater to roll on the ice rink for a significant period. Their aluminum truck, 78A wheels, and strong plastic plates provide enormous support in outdoor roller skating. 

Jackson Vista Viper Nylon Outdoor Skate 


  • True to size and fitting for wide feet 
  • 78A and 62mm wheels 
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • Sturdy plastic plates 
  • Stylish look 


  • Snug-fit for wide feet 
  • Comfortable padding around ankles 
  • weight-support plastic plates 
  • Gummy tall wheels to run smoothly on pebbles 
  • Vegan-friendly product 
  • Available in multiple stylish colors 


  • Doesn’t stretch much due to faux suede 
  • Too expensive 
  • Very tight wheels 


  • Available at $125 to $199 based on sizes [Amazon]

Final Words 

If you want to find the best roller skate for your wide feet, there are many choices. But we’ve tried to bring you the best among those available in the market. Still, you can do your own research according to your preference. 

While choosing a pair of nice roller skates for you, keep in mind the considerable factors we’ve decided in this article, including size, design, material, frame, lace, etc. 

So, decide which one you liked the best in our list. 

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